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Welcome to Mohammed Al Shalawi Law Office

Welcome to Mohammed Al Shalawi Law Office

It is a pleasure for Mohammed Al Shalawi Office to welcome you and wish for his esteemed clients continuing success, and it is our pleasure to present to you what everyone needs to know about our activities, legal services provided and other desirable information. Our office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded in Jeddah (1429 A.H) in accordance with an ambitious vision for a pioneering future in the field of work, the legal profession, and legal consultancy. The office has received a constellation of lawyers and skilled advisors in their fields of competence.

The office has achieved the desire of many clients and has been reflected in the stability of their affairs, the protection of their rights against any dispute or underperformance and has contributed to increasing their wealth through constant contact with the office and providing them with the necessary protective guidance and professionally organized procedures.


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