Foreign Investment

Attracting, supporting and protecting foreign investment is important for promoting employment opportunities, attracting capital and advanced technology, transferring science and knowledge, increasing exports and helping local firms to integrate, and pushing economic growth forward in general, Attracting foreign investment has received wide attention among the governments of the world’s countries until the point of competition to attract foreign investment became an important aspect of economic policies of Countries, and Saudi Arabia has provided unprecedented incentives and facilities to enable those who wish to seize Investment and provide opportunities and to provide infrastructure services necessary for the smoothness and easiness for the  development of those investment projects.

We have been keen to serve our clients in this area with the following:

  • Provision of legal advice on the appropriateness of entering the Saudi Arabian market.
  • Provide the necessary legal advice from foreign investors, whether they are businessmen or corporate owners.
  • Provision of necessary legal advice on the amount of capital required for commercial activity.
  • Formulation of foreign investment contracts in accordance with established regulations.
  • Registration of foreign companies, issuance of licenses and trade records required.

Other Expertises