Commercial Aspect

1 – Establishment and registration of all types of companies

The office is a pioneer in the delivery of formal company establishment services with high and fast professionalism and facilitates all the procedures for registering companies with the competent authorities.

The office is characterized by the presence of specialized staff for the prosecution and litigation before all stakeholders in the region, and others in providing legal counseling in all commercial and other fields.

2 – Mergers and Acquisitions

We have a team specializing in mergers and acquisitions for companies and others, including acquisitions and mergers between individuals, companies ,Joint venture and strategic alliances according to a strategy and a structured legal entity to reduce the costs of production and services, increase financial capacity and efficiency, and improve The quality of production and services provided, and the revival of practical competition, to obtain secure financing from the world banking institutions effortless and easier. Our experience in mergers and acquisitions as follows:

  • Conduct studies and legal care for each company as needed.
  • Setting up acquisition structures.
  • Drafting of contracts and review of acquisition and merger procedures.
  • Provision of opinion and advice on organizational strategies.
  • Coordination of cross-border transactions.
  • Obtaining approvals from competent authorities.
  • Termination of necessary licensing procedures.
  • Closures.

4 – Corporate Restructuring

We have an ingenious team in the area of corporate restructuring and streamlining its framework, a unique effort in the Middle East to provide optimal solutions for corporate service and its various practices.

Our experience in restructuring companies is the following:

  • Advice on appropriate structuring and corporate reorganization.
  • Corporate structuring, quota transfer and asset acquisition solutions.
  • Formulation of the terms and provisions of the conventions on the organization of the structure.
  • Advice to government agencies on regulatory frameworks to attract foreign investment and facilitate corporate incubation.
  • Advice on changes in corporate ownership structures and their implementation.
  • Issuance of licenses for corporate activity and necessary procedures.

5 – Company Liquidations

Our office is doing business liquidation and authentication procedures and performing accurate accounting work that guarantees the rights and shares of all partners.

6 – Corporate governance

In the wake of the global financial crisis, many large firms have resorted to embracing governance as an essential component in guiding management strategy and making it an essential element in their daily operations, and this is especially true for the current global business environment, and our office has taken a special section to take care of that. And to find deliberate steps to ensure increased and improved organizational performance over recent years under the supervision of a number of specialists in the International Corporate Governance Protocol.

Our corporate governance expertise includes:

  • Organization of the Board of Directors, renewal of powers and duties, functions of committees, the codification of their business, rewards, conflicts of interest, etc.
  • Preparation of internal controls, audit mechanism and external control measures.
  •  Administration and delegation of duties.
  •  Shareholder rights.
  •  Disclosure and transparency requirements.
  •  Basic administrative requirements.

7 – Family businesses

The emergence of family-controlled companies in many of the major industries in the region is one of the most important trading streams for each region, and the Office is concerned in building legal structures, preparing for the protection of companies and assets controlled by the family from external threats and family inner discussions.

The Mohammed al Shalwi law firm is working to ensure that there is a clear course for future supervision of family assets, based on local and regional experience in building such legal structures for commercial assets and property throughout the region, leading to stable ownership of assets and alignment of assets with any arrangements Related to family supervision without exposing business structures and family concepts to intervention and a smooth transition from original family supervision to the next generation.

Our experience in organizing family companies is the following:

  • Family Constitutions.
  • Restructuring of traditional companies.
  • Limited liability structures specifically developed for business risk management.
  • Managing and resolving intergenerational conflicts.
  • Establishment and management of family office support.
  • Legal structures for the management of legal risks and the symptoms associated with the investment of family companies.
  • Organization of special laws for the prevention of work disruption during the period of family transition, such as retirement, disability or death.
  • Family constitutions that manage and guide dialogues and debates and pave the way for a clear and orderly transition to future oversight.

Governance policies according to family and business conditions, including:

  • Educational development for family members, the best way to distribute “zakat” and public charitable bidding.
  • Preparation of liquidity mechanisms for family members.
  • Rules, policies, and structures for family project funds.

Other Expertises