Financial Crime

The development of civilizations and the prosperity of their economies depend mainly on the economic aspect its strength, because of the multiple ways of means, methods and the revolution of adaptive modern technologies some of the equally important offending practices have emerged, and states have regulated their laws to protect the economy, creating organizations and regulatory bodies that fight such multiple prohibited crimes for their direct impact on both social and economic aspects.

Since the Criminal Law is concerned with the protection of the fundamental interests of human society, one of the most important of these interests is the protection of money from crimes of aggression. Hence, we have been interested in contributing to the fight against such corruption and great disease and an integrated team has been formed from competent lawyers to take care of this and provide full service to prevent and represent clients in order to protect their rights from exploitation, loss or to attempt to engage them down in economic crime.

Thus, we can provide the following:

  • Legal advice to prevent any domestic or international financial offense.
  • Provision of all legal services to fight financial corruption such as corporate fraud, forgery, embezzlement, bribery, and so forth, through what was stipulated by international regimes.
  • Representation before the judiciary, criminal bodies and Interpol to claim all rights and implications.
  • Tracking and freezing of assets locally and internationally, through judicial channels and organizations with jurisdiction.
  • Provision of an investigation service for violations of criminal law and regulations, preparation of records and final reports, and treatment of the impact of a system.

Provision of legal advice on the rules and principles approved for disciplined financial services.

Other Expertises