Receivership or the so-called “judicial prosecution” is a provisional and temporary procedure ordered by the competent judge; for systemic reasons to reduce the complexity of the controversy and preserve the guarded material until the judge finds the truth. The money is placed in the hands of a trustee who will save, nurture and administer it, as stipulated in the regulations and instructions. Sequestration has been legitimized to protect the rights and property of the aggrieved rights-holders.

And we can through our experience in this field:

  • Request to the competent court for the imposition of receivership as and when the necessary conditions are available.
  • Provision of all judicial escorts professionally.
  • Reserve the trusted objects and funds for receivership.
  • Management of the need to manage and care for preservation, leasing, fare collection and distribution.
  • Take special accounting books to document financial movement.

Other Expertises