Real Estate

The real estate sector has grown significantly in recent years, with the expansion of development projects and infrastructure and the growing demand for housing units, offices, business complexes, industrial cities and open land development, and the benefits of tender have attracted more investors into The real estate market to take advantage of available opportunities and reap lucrative profits, and despite this economic growth in the real estate side some investors might face many procedural or legal obstacles in it, and our office has contributed to the success of many real estate issues thankfully

Our experience in this field:

  • Partnership in Real Estate.
  • Preemption.
  • Real Estate Registration.
  • Follow up the transfer of real estate properties.
  • transfer of property deed and legal advice to foreigners wishing to own property.
  • Achieving the wishes of the owners’ union according to the regulations and instructions.
  • Provision of legal advice in the field of real estate finance.

Provision of legal advice with regard to the mortgage.

Other Expertises