Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector was limited to the production of medical drugs, laboratory tests, and laboratory work, but finally it expanded to the creation of specialized hospitals in the fields of heart, bones, teeth, cosmetics, and others, afterwards this activity has flourished and witnessed both the growth and payment of both the tourism and medical sectors. Because of that Health spas and private hospitals that match the beauty of the world’s most beautiful buildings or hotels and in attractive way has been established, and as a result of this transformation the medical sector has become one of the most important pillars of the world economy, so that its shares are included in world stock lists and investors have raced to it.

Researchers expect to double the size of the healthcare market in the coming period, according to the study developed by the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), the share of expenditure for the health sector will rise by some (10 percent) year: 2030 AD from the GDP, thanks to the development of devices that Contribute to the improvement of human life, including heart and brain surgery, artificial limbs, electronic devices and hearing aids. The multiple diversity in this area and advanced health services are driving the health sector to a medium-and long-term growth.

In the belief that this is an important area, a specialized health-care legal team has joined us to provide the best regular services related to this activity. And we have partners in all relevant specialized practice areas, and through our experience we can provide all the comprehensive legal services to all Participants in the healthcare industry, the drafting of outsourcing conventions, and medical privileges, and processing of joint ventures and research agreements, review of construction contracts for medical entities, management of operations and health facilities.

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